Spring Summer ‘19

Introducing Tencel fabric this season, Especially because it is a natural, sustainable, non-synthetic fabric. About 6 to 7 colours of base fabric with block prints with some machine and hand embellishments.

The blocks have the shapes of hearts, peacocks, butterflies, owls, trees and leaves, little elements that inspire us! Each one holds a meaning embedded deep inside our hearts.

Silhouettes like long capes, maxi dresses, kurtas, waistcoats can be seen across the collection.

Summer earthy hues have captured our mood this season, our palette is a mix of lighter pastels like lilac, ivory, sunflower yellow, emerald green, sage green & finishing a few prominent silhouettes in slightly deeper colors like rust & purple.

Heart blocks depicting our most essential element i.e Love. Peacocks for their relation with Krishn Ji. Butterflies for their metamorphosis and freedom. Owls for their connection with Lakshmi Maa and trees and leaves because of my love for the environment.

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